Alone/With You

 Intimate Connections & The Weight of Absence - Ongoing

Alone/With You is an ongoing exploration of human connection and intimate exchange. This project uses high-resolution body scans and 3D printed models to create glass sculptures that explore the simultaneously inundating, yet hollow weight of what is no longer there.


Inspired by personal experiences and the collection of essays Loss by David L. Eng and David Kazanjian, Alone/With You describes the rich layers of human relationships and, the various connections and methods by which bodily, spatial, and ideal remains are intimately linked, continuously overlapping and affecting one another (Eng and Kazajian). While it is impossible to capture all of the minutiae associated with the loss of an intimate connection, Alone/With You embodies many of these facets through distinct but related bodies of work. Alone/With You is, in essence, a collection of melancholic objects, that is, objects that have an opened and continuous relationship to the past and mourning (Eng and Kazajian).


An interstice is a small intervening space between two things. As intimacy between individuals grows, the spaces between who we are with them and who we are without them become smaller and smaller. When that connection is severed, the weight of their absence is somehow both inundating and hollow. The objects of Interstice are melancholic objects in that they seek ongoing conversations with the past. Constantly reflecting on the loss that creates what remains.



Coalesce expresses how we construct images of ourselves and our loved ones from infinite tiny pieces. These pieces are constantly shifting, merging together and drifting apart as out relationships change.