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Jade Usackas

Toronto based Artist, Designer, Educator

By exploring the intersection of art, kiln casting and, digital fabrication, my work investigates physical and emotional intimacy and, the bonds we forge as human beings. With my work I seek to disrupt the automatic and defamiliarize the rote, thus highlighting the intricate facets of our shared yet disparate experiences.  Through sculpture, photography, collaborative and, participatory works I seek to ignite discourse and foster mutual understanding. 


Jade Usackas is a Toronto-based artist, educator, and designer who utilizes glass, digital fabrication, and mixed media to explore intimate connection and human exchange. Jade’s predilection for disparate and deep connection is reflected in the various mediums through which she conveys her ideas. At present, her practice focuses primarily on the relationship between viewer and glass object.  Through her new body of work Colour Worship, Jade contrasts the historical and religious legacy of the material with the contemporary viewer's experience. Usackas has studied fine art and glassmaking techniques throughout North America at institutions including Fleming College, Sheridan College, Pilchuck Glass School, the Corning Museum of Glass, Chrysler Museum of Art, and Harbourfront Centre in Toronto.

Latest Exhibitions

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair -Online Fair
Toronto, Canada

Artist Project, Better Living Center
Toronto, Canada


Stanislav Libensky Award Exhibition
Dox Centre for Contemporary Art